The One Stop Guide for Cleaning Linoleum Floors

Linoleum floors are the to-go flooring option for many homeowners. If you’re in search of an affordable, durable, and flexible option, linoleum floors are a great candidate. While these floors are flexible and durable, they still need regular cleaning.

When you maintain your linoleum floors properly, they can last a very long time. This type of flooring usually requires more care in comparison to vinyl floors. Ammonia, bleach, and other corrosive chemicals are unsuitable for use on linoleum. These chemicals may severely damage the material.

Keep your linoleum floors looking and smelling fresh and clean by following this easy cleaning and maintenance procedure.

  1. Remove surface dirt and debris
  • Set vacuum cleaner to “hard floor,” then vacuum the linoleum.
  • As an alternative, you can use a soft broom to sweep the floor.

As you sweep or vacuum, ensure that you reach areas underneath furniture, corners, and crevices.

  1. Create cleaner for linoleum floor

Be mindful that not all general-purpose cleaners will work well on linoleum floors. Some household cleaners are inappropriate for linoleum floors and might harm the linoleum material if used.

You can create a well-suited linoleum floor cleaner on your own by following these steps:

  • Pour several drops of dishwashing soap into a bucket of hot water.
  • Stir gently.
  1. Give the linoleum a proper wiping
  • Dip the mop into the cleaning mixture, wring thoroughly, then, wipe. (A minimal amount of water will do. Standing water can have adverse effects on your linoleum floors.)
  1. Divide the work area into 6 x 6-inches sections
  • Wipe one section.
  • When finished with one section, wring the mop properly, then move on to the next section.
  • Repeat procedure until you achieve the desired results.
  1. Throw away used water, then rinse mop with fresh water.
  2. Re-wipe sections with clean water, without soap.
  3. Place a few old towels on the linoleum to absorb moisture.


Linoleum floors are ideal for cost-effective home decoration. Besides, linoleum is very durable and flexible. With proper maintenance, your floors can last for a very long time. Not all cleaners are suitable for linoleum floors. You can create your own cleaner by following the easy steps above. In no time, you’ll be seeing the benefits of keeping your linoleum floors in the best shape possible. Best of luck!