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There is no denying the fact that professional carpet cleaning services are a much more thorough job as they take into account the carpet material while choosing the right type of cleaning solution. It is important for you to know that not all kinds of detergents and cleaners can be used on all surfaces. For instance, sulfates do not react well with fine rug and you will need to use some other cleaning solution to get good results.

Here at Pacific Carpet Care, we offer dry carpet cleaning, wet carpet cleaning as well as hot water extraction. All of these are excellent options for thorough carpet cleaning in Bell Canyon but the choice of cleaning method depends on specific application.

This type of carpet cleaning technique is extremely useful in getting rid of the compacted dirt in the carpets. It not only helps in getting rid of the dirt but also helps in giving a completely new look to your carpet. In this method, the fibers of the carpets are gently agitated which lifts the dirt trapped deep in the carpet fibers. This leads to thorough cleaning of carpet which in turn revives the vibrant shades in there.

As professional cleaners, we've found that this technique is particularly useful for older carpets and where dry carpet cleaning does not give adequate results. This technique can be used anywhere in your home including the staircase carpet. In this type of Bell Canyon carpet cleaning, the cleaning solution is chosen based on the type of carpet in the home. The pH balance of the water is adjusted to ensure safe cleaning.

Bell Canyon carpet cleaning is provided by Pacific Carpet Care.
Pacific Carpet Care provides carpet cleaning services in Bell Canyon.

Carpet Cleaners in Bell Canyon, CA

We use alkaline water for treating synthetic rugs whereas slightly more acidic water is used for natural or wood fibers. However, you should know that it takes time for the moisture to completely evaporate in case of wet cleaning. Our Bell Canyon carpet cleaners use high quality, professional, and industrial strength equipment which means your carpet will dry much faster as compared to the drying time required by commercially available wet vacuums.

In this type of cleaning, specific cleaning chemicals are used for freshening up and deodorizing the carpet. These specific cleaning agents break down dirt and other things entangled in the carpet fibers which can then be removed with the help of a vacuum. This cleaning technique is a great option for spring cleaning of carpets or rugs in low traffic areas.

One of the biggest benefits of this carpet cleaning technique is that it takes much less time as your floors are ready to be used again almost instantly once the cleaning is done. This type of cleaning technique is preferred in industrial and retail locations where they cannot wait for too long for carpet to dry.

A combination of hot water and high water pressure is used for enhancing the effectiveness of cleaning detergent. Our carpet cleaners in Bell Canyon use truck mounted machines that are capable of heating water up to 150 degrees C or 300 degrees F. It's a superior method for thorough cleaning of carpets. It is typically used for target cleaning of carpets. It works great for carpets where there are chemical stains, pet stains or stains that keep reappearing. Steam cleaning combined with the right detergent is a great way to deodorize and restore your carpets.

Top Bell Canyon carpet cleaning services offered for both commercial and residential clients.
Carpet cleaners in Bell Canyon provide top-quality and efficient cleaning services.

Bell Canyon Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to carpet cleaning services in Bell Canyon, it is important for you to keep in mind that commercially available vacuums are great for getting rid of the visible dirt on the surface of your carpet but these are simply inadequate for removing the dirt trapped inside the deeper layers of the carpet. Also, the commercially available vacuums are not capable of getting rid of stains or allergens in the carpet.

It is recommended to get your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. You should get it cleaned more frequently in case the carpet is used in a retail setting where thousands of people step on it on any given day or in case you have a much bigger family.

Steam cleaning needs to be done carefully as improper use may lead to moisture retention on the surface of the carpet which will wear down and rip up the delicate fibers of the carpet. Here at Pacific Carpet Care, our Bell Canyon carpet cleaning services ensure that minimal amount of moisture is left when we are done with the cleaning.

Here is a list of some of the additional factors you should consider in order to decide the carpet cleaning frequency:

Foot Traffic: It is one of the biggest factors that determines the frequency of professional carpet cleaning. Carpets in retail locations and in houses with large families will require cleaning much more frequently as compared to a single person household.

Pet Stains: It's extremely difficult to get rid of pet stains. The pheromones in the pet stains will keep lingering even after you are unable to detect the odor. Your pet will keep staining that particular area until it is completely deodorized.

Wine Stains: It's not easy to get rid of wine stains. The pigments in the wine are related to the anthocyanin family and their color depends on the pH. Anthocyanin is known for aggressively adhering to the fibers and this is the reason these are also used for making fabric dyes. Here at Pacific Carpet Care, we will ensure use of the right type of cleaner with the right pH in order to get rid of this pigment and extract it with hot water extraction technique.

As far as the commonly used materials for household and retail carpets is concerned, most carpets are made using wood, polypropylene, nylon and polyester. All of these have their own advantages.

Polyester is tough and long lasting with the ability to retain bright colors but it's also relatively easy to clean and vacuum. On the other hand, nylon does not get stained easily and is the ideal material for carpets in high traffic areas. If you want an organic material, you should go with wool as it is completely natural but it also holds more moisture as compared to other synthetic fibers. Polypropylene is a popular choice as it resists water-based stains.

All these materials have unique properties which need to be taken into account when it comes to cleaning and deodorizing. Wrong cleaning detergent may cause permanent damage to the carpet.

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