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With over 20 years of experience, Pacific Carpet Care has become one of the most trusted names in carpet, rug, flooring, and upholstery cleaning in the Calabasas CA area.

Our professional team of technicians is equipped with extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to provide our customers with the best cleaning experience. 

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Calabasas Carpet Cleaning & Repair

If you want to enjoy your carpet, then you must ensure that it is clean and well maintained. A dirty carpet is not only unsightly but it also a safe haven for deadly pathogens that can cause serious health problem to pet and people living in the house. That is why is it important to ensure that your carpet is clean regularly by a professional cleaning company. At Pacific Carpet Care, we are committed to ensure that your carpet is cleaned to perfection. Regardless of how unsightly your carpet is, you can be sure that our able staff and state of the art carpet cleaning technology that we use will completely transform your carpet.Our efficient cleaning method can eliminate stubborn and hard to reach stains that normal carpet cleaning cannot. So are you looking for a reputable Calabasas carpet cleaning services? If yes then look no further than Pacific Carpet Care.

Fine Rug Cleaning in Calabasas CA

Are you tired of taking your carpet to a cleaning service only to find out later that some dirt are still staring at you? If yes then Pacific Carpet Care has the solution that you have been looking for a long period of time. We use the latest cleaning methods that clean fine rugs. This means that regardless how deep stubborn stains and dirt have entrenched on the fine rug, you can be sure that our modern carpet cleaning methods will effectively eliminate all stains and dirt. In addition to that our cleaning methods also help to strengthen the fiber of the carpet making it much stronger and durable.

Oriental Carpet Cleaning - Fine Rugs

Like most carpets, oriental rugs needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove lint, dry soil, hair and bacteria that have hidden. When you hire our carpet cleaning services in Calabasas, our experts willemploy the recommended cleaning method to ensure that it is sparking clean. Our oriental rug cleaning techniques will not only remove dirt that can been seen with your naked eye but will also eliminate those dirt that are more harmful but cannot be seen with your naked eye. We will carefully inspect your oriental rug then use the most effective cleaning method to remove all dirt included those that are stubborn.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning & Repair in Calabasas

Natural calamities such as floods, pouring of liquid on the carpet among many others can occur any time. In fact, they usually occur at the time when you least expect. In the event where you need emergency carpet cleaning services, then you have nothing to worry because our committed and highly professional are always on standby waiting for your call. Regardless of what has happened to your carpet, we employ our high-tech cleaning methods to effectively remove all stubborn stains, leaving it sparking clean.

Call Us for The Best Carpet Repair Services

There is no need of buying a new carpet just because your carpet has a small embarrassing dent that your visitors can see. We do carpet repair by hand using the finest wool that is recommended by the manufacture. When you bring your damaged carpet to use, we will first inspect it then use the best possible method repair it. Our carpet repair techniques are very effective and will return your carpet back to its initial state.