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Oriental rugs, fine rugs, and other area rugs are a conversation starter for visitors and tell a lot about the personality of your home. Needless to say, these are also expensive. Fine rugs are hand tied and each strand in a fine rug is made meticulously. If you have an Oriental rug in your room, it speaks for your creative and decorative vision. Pacific Carpet Care provides professional rug cleaning in Encino to ensure that your Oriental and fine rugs are taken care of in the perfect manner.

Pacific Carpet Care provides rug cleaning services in Encino.
Rug cleaning in Encino is provided by Pacific Carpet Care.

Rug Cleaners in Encino, CA

A well-made fine rug is designed to last for decades but basic carpet care is needed to keep you expensive floor covering looking great for many years. It is recommended to rotate the rug on a regular basis to prevent excessive wear on a particular side. In order to preserve the intricate designs and colors of your Oriental rug, keep it away from sunlight as much as possible. The pigments in the Oriental rugs will fade much more quickly due to exposure to sunlight.

When you are vacuuming the Oriental rug, take care to not go over the side fringes as these fringes may get caught in the vacuum's sweeper. In the unfortunate event of a stain on your rug, it is recommended to blot out the excess liquid with the help of a cloth and then, use a club soda to loosen the stain. Club soda is gentle and won't do any damage to the fibers of your rug. Once you are done, our Encino rug cleaners at Pacific Carpet Care will take over the cleaning of your rug and ensure that it is cleaned in the right manner.

Top Encino rug cleaning services offered for oriental & fine rugs.
Pacific Carpet Care offers effective Encino rug cleaning services.

Encino Rug Cleaning Services

Our rug cleaning services in Encino ensure that every single Oriental rug, fine rug and area rug is individually assessed in order to determine the origins of the fibers used for making the rug. It's an extremely important step and it's done to ensure that there is no damage done during the cleaning and rejuvenation process. We offer professional Encino rug cleaning services of Oriental rugs from varied origins including Asian, Afghani, Turkish, Pakistani as well as handmade carpets.

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