A Guide for Cleaner Floors

Have you ever been in a room with low-maintained floors? Displeasing, isn’t it? Absolutely! Keeping your floors clean is essential for establishing a healthy and serene atmosphere inside your home.

No matter the type of floors in your home, there are many ways to keep them looking and smelling fresh and clean. Some floor may require special products and cleaning strategies, but there are certain general tips and tricks for cleaning any floor.

Though it’s always a wise move to hire professional cleaners, you can save that extra money and do it yourself! Are you willing to take on the challenge? If yes, get ready for an excellent cleaning experience! Whoo hoo!

9General Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Floors

  1. Place a high-quality doormat at all entrances to your home.
  2. For carpets and rugs, vacuum at least once per week. The weekends are perfect for cleaning since you can spend a half of an hour getting rid of built-up dirt and dust.
  3. Kick off those shoes. Enforce a no-shoe rule in your home. Shoes track in dirt and bacteria into your home, which may be toxic to your family and your floors.
  4. Keep a dustpan and a brush beside your pet’s bowl for stray Kibble.
  5. Treat spills and stains as soon as they occur. This trick prevents liquid or solidified materials from permanently staining your floors, especially carpets.
  6. When relocating your furniture, don’t drag them over the floor.Lift and move furniture, if possible. If not, place soft sliders on hard floors and plastic sliders over carpets to prevent damage to the floor.
  7. Wipe linoleum floors with vinegar and water before getting down to the “real” cleaning.
  8. Place a carpet runner over areas that experience high traffic.
  9. Clean linoleum floors at least once a week with warm water, neutral detergent, and a damp mop.


Maintaining clean floors is essential for achieving a healthy home. Regardless of the types of floors in your home, it’s vital to clean them regularly. Even though some floors may require special cleaning techniques and cleaners, there are some general cleaning methods for all different types of floors. The guide above helps you to achieve great-looking floors with little effort. Enjoy!