"Having your carpet cleaned regularly is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves as an investment into your family’s or potential client’s health and well being.."

Having your carpet cleaned regularly is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves as an investment into your family’s or potential client’s health and well being.
Carpet easily traps outside pollutants, dirt, dust mites, insecticides, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants that can make indoor pollution levels even higher than it is outside.

By thoroughly cleaning your carpet on a regular basis, you can release those unhealthy contaminants and provide a safer, fresher, and healthier environment for yourself and those you love.

Dirt and soil are easily seen on a hard surface and are soon wiped away, but on carpet it can quickly work its way deep into the fibers where its abrasive action will cause them to deteriorate and need replacing prematurely. We use a hot water extraction cleaning system that deeply cleans your carpets, flushing the dirt and pollutants from the fibers, with harmless, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable cleaning agents, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

Pacific Carpet Care offers wet or dry cleaning, however, hot water extraction or “Steam Cleaning” is the most efficient and recommended cleaning method in our industry. State of the art truck mounted equipment is used to spray heated detergent solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles. Knowing how efficient this process is, most manufacturers will highly recommend Hot Water Extraction in an effort to maintain their carpet’s warranty.


  • Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your carpet significantly, helping you get the most out of your flooring investment.
  • It will remove dust, bacteria, and allergens, keeping your indoor air quality clean and safe for you and your family.
  • By not allowing a huge build up of dust and soiling, it will make maintaining your carpet easier in the long run.
  • Removing stains, pet soiling, and other marks will keep your carpet looking clean and new for longer.
  • Makes your house smell fresh and clean.
  • Will thoroughly remove any bedbugs or dust mite infestations that have nestled down into your carpet.
  • Helps to maintain your carpet’s warranty and longevity.


Pacific Carpet Care follows the six-step IICRC Standards for professional carpet cleaning:

  • 1


    Every carpet is thoroughly inspected before cleaning.

  • 2

    Furniture Moving

    Sofas, tables, and chairs will be carefully moved.

  • 3


    A cleaning agent will be applied to suspend the soils from the carpet fiber.

  • 4

    Extract and Rinse

    The loosened soil is then rinsed with extremely high temperature water and then extracted with a powerful vacuum into the waste tank on our van.

  • 5


    Every carpet that we clean is pH balanced.

  • 6

    Post Inspection

    A post walk-through will be done to ensure your satisfaction.


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