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With over 20 years of experience, Pacific Carpet Care has become one of the most trusted names in carpet, rug, flooring, and upholstery cleaning in the Ventura County CA area.

Our professional team of technicians is equipped with extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to provide our customers with the best cleaning experience. 

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Ventura County Carpet Cleaning & Repair

Are you looking for the best Ventura County carpet cleaning services? At Pacific Carpet Care we can guarantee you the best carpet cleaning services. There are different types of carpets in the market. It does not matter the type of carpet you would like to clean. Even if the carpet requires special attention, we have invested in the right cleaning tools so that you can realize value for your money. All the carpet cleaning services in our facility are priced fairly. You can be rest assured of saving a lot of money in the process if you decide to work with us in your carpet cleaning. Remember the carpets in your home should be clean so that you can avoid health complications related to dirty carpets. The choice of the best cleaning materials makes our services the best in Ventura County.

Fine Rug Cleaning in Ventura County CA

The fine rugs are designed with special features which make them stand out as luxury rugs. They will improve the look of your home greatly. The rugs are comfortable to bare foot. Your floor will be comfortable to walk on among other benefits. You should be careful not to make them dirty. Some of the things you can do to avoid making the rugs dirty include removing shows upon entering the home. Even if you are careful, dirt will always find its way onto the carpets. You should not be worried because we have the right tools to help you clean the fine rugs.

Oriental Carpet Cleaning - Fine Rugs

Different types of dirt can land on your oriental rug. For example, large particles, fine sand, pollen and even pet fur can land on the Oriental rug making them dirty. You will find it hard to clean the carpets if they have developed hard stains. As experts in the carpet cleaning industry we can work on your carpet and ensure it is very clean. You can check our Ventura County carpet cleaning reviews and you will realize we are the best experts.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning & Repair in Ventura County

Due to different reasons, you may need emergency carpet cleaning. For example, floods on your basement can make the carpets dirty. You should not worry because we are just a phone call away and ready to help you out. Our experts will respond fast and work on your carpets till they are clean. Use of the latest technology makes it easy for us to clean your carpets and dry them fast. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can check the carpets to ensure they are perfectly clean before you settle all the bills.

Call Us for The Best Carpet Repair Services

You may notice your carpet has been torn in areas where furniture rests or along the high traffic area. There is no need of letting your luxury carpet tear to a point where you will need a replacement. We have the right tools and experienced professionals whom you can rely on to have your carpet repaired. We repair the carpets till they are fully restored. You can call us for more information on how we can clean your carpet.